A Summer Full of Extraordinary Nothings.

Here's how you can do nothing:


Sleeping is a great way to do nothing.

By sleeping you put yourself in a world that is not reality, By being in a world that is not reality, you are simultaneously ignoring all your problems while also doing whatever you want in a different dimension. By doing this you are doing something and nothing at the same time!


Television is also good way to do nothing

Watching television is like sleeping in the sense of the fact that you are escaping reality while simultaneoulsy doing nothing. However, when watching television you are in fact awake, living life through someone else's eyes.

Among these nothings were a few somethings, however they were never something enough to be considered something as opposed to nothing.




Red Rock, CO

Sugarloaf Mountain, MD

Lake Tahoe, NV

A quick play by play of a summer of nothings:

Did I do anything this summer?

Incase you did not realize at some point on this page or you did
not click on the link because you are lazy, the answer is no. I did not do anything this summer.

To learn more about how to do nothing, I'm afraid I can't help you. Good luck, kid.